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In most jazz styles its task is the accentuation of the beat, which is generally achieved by the slap bass technique. Throughout the course, you will learn techniques for playing effective walking bass lines over jazz chord changes. It has two basic designsone shaped like a viol or viola da gamba and the other like a violinbut there are other designs, such as that of a guitar. This used fender jazz bass from 1968 is an absolute marvel, in very good condition, and a phenomenal player. The worldwide leader in jazz improvisation educational materials for over 50 years. Jazz bass is the use of the double bass or bass guitar to improvise accompaniment comping. Fender explains that okoume is a reddishbrown african hardwood with a straight grain that gives the bass a pronounced low. Ive tried a fender jazz a few years ago with the s1 switch that put the pickups in series. The only way to make a j bass sound like a p bass is to solo the front pickup. Images are sole property of willcutt guitar shoppe, inc. Solo techniques for unaccompanied pizzicato jazz double bass larry james ousley, jr. Print and download in pdf or midi somewhere over the.

Other than a miniscule blemish on the back near the bottom of the body it is spotless. As the world gets closer together, having a working knowledge of latin bass playing will increasingly be a prerequisite for any professional, improving bassist. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Players began using the double bass in jazz in the 1890s to supply the lowpitched walking basslines that outlined the chord progressions of the songs. Fender bass guitars manual american musical supply. Jazz bass line construction thelonious monk institute of jazz online jazz handbook welcome to the bass chapter of the thelonious monk institute of jazz s online jazz handbook. Illustrated history constructing walking jazz bass lines, book 1.

Take five bass transcription bass musician magazine, the. The doublebass did not appear until the classical period. The fender precision bass often shortened to p bass is a model of electric bass manufactured by fender musical instruments corporation. In boston since 1985, he has played with the george pearson group local headliners at the boston jazz society jazz festival in 1990, urban ambience, and was founder and leader of the whats new septet 1995. Jazz guitar makes full use of many theoretical concepts, and also tends to use a lot of the more difficult concepts in music, such as improvisation and proper usage and implementation of the chromatic scale. Control knobs changed to black plastic with numbers. Here with an alder body, it has a tortoiseshell pickguard and threecolor sunburst finish that just look classic together. In this example, the bass line consists of simple arpeggiations of each chord, giving the overall effect of a simple blues bass line. Today, pauls lines are classic jazz bass literature.

In the course of history many bass and double bass instruments of both string families were described as violones. American basses an illustrated history and players guide. Jul 01, 2014 take five bass transcription, video and pdf download take five is one of the most famous jazz standards in history. Josef zawinuls birdland are landmarks in bass history for the challenging lines pastorius played. In most cases, there are no tempos and few articulations provided, so it is essential that you listen to the source recording. The serial number reads e301988, dating it to 1983. Vibraphone jazz the masters and their music who have made their mark with the classic vibraphone instrument. Jazz bass line construction thelonious monk institute of. Questions about seriesparallel wiring on a jazz bass. I grew up listening to this, so when i started playing the melody, i was excited to see how cool it laid out on the bass guitar. James jamerson from jazz bassist to popular music icon. These bassless backing tracks are created using irealpro, an essential app for musicians. From jazz bassist to popular music icon by joshua andrew zarbo, b. The standard in jazz bass stylecombining traditional design with contemporary features, the standard jazz bass is an elegant and affordable classic designed for the bassist who appreciates great style, rich and versatile tone, and excellent value.

Solo techniques for unaccompanied pizzicato jazz double bass. Jazz bass guitar wiring diagram with one volume, one tone and a balanceblend control. One of these was my first decent bass, and they have remained one of my favorite basses of all time. In its standard, post1957 configuration, the precision bass is a solid body, fourstringed instrument equipped with a single splitcoil humbucking pickup and a onepiece, 20 fret maple neck with rosewood, pau ferro, or maple fingerboard. This one has all the original parts including the original pick guard it was replaced by. These blues bass lines are like having a one chorus lick that you can. The question to ask, is what kind of sound do you like and want to hear in your recordings and live performance.

Citing examples from key recordings in the jazz canon, the book defines the essence of the musical contributions made by more than 70 important jazz bassists, including ray brown, eddie gomez, charles mingus, milt hinton and many others. This book is designed to help you learn to play this passionate and beautiful music. Unfortunately, original hard copy manuals from this archive are no longer available. Readings in jazz history brings to life the controversies and critical issues that have accompanied every moment of jazz history. Fender jazz bass special some folks have requested that i write about the original run of fender jazz bass specials, and i am happy to oblige.

The history of the fender precision bass fender basses. Jazz solo transcription excerpts cbw jazz ensemble audition 20172018 perform the following excerpts from classic jazz solos and include them in your recording. He was also staff guitarist for south park recording studio. You may notice that certain phrases appear in many solos. This cream colored early 80s jazz bass is in amazing condition. While the wiki is new, the information presented here has been being collected since 2011. Exploring the jazz bass scene with contrabass conversations. This diagram shows how to eliminate the dual volume feature on traditional jazz basses and replace it with a single master volume and a balance pot allowing easier control of the overall volume and the balance of the neck and bridge pickups. In later styles it swings and wanders, playing a melody line of its own contrivance walking bass as a counter melody.

The ultimate guide to the perfect bass setup version 1. Your new fender bass guitar holds more than half a century of musical history. Its one thing to describe the history of the jazz bass in terms of its origin, design features and. New method of rhythmic improvisation for the jazz bassist.

Fender bass guitar owners manuals the manuals listed. Print and download in pdf or midi romeo and juliet. The basses, which feature okoume bodies with a natural finish, come in jazz bass, jazz bass v, and precision bass special versions. The jazz bass evolved in a number of subtle ways throughout the 60s with major changes coming during the. In 1960 fender created another revolutionary instrument, the jazz bass. Exploring the jazz bass scene with contrabass conversations we relaunched contrabass conversations a popular double bass podcast active in the mid2000s in november of 2015, and the response from the bass community has been incredible. Mar 21, 2018 when learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the things that many players want to explore and get under their fingers is walking basslines. More than a players manual, this book portrays jazz bass as a vital element of 20th century american music. Jazz bass line construction thelonious monk institute of jazz. Fender guitar and bass amplifier owners manuals and.

Starting with an interview with chicago symphony principal bassist alex hanna and continuing with artists like mozart in the jungle. With its offset waist, two pickups and narrow neck, the jazz bass was sonically. A pdf would be great, or even a scanned jpeg, gif or tiff that we can convert. A slightly embellished version of this kind of line would also be typical of a basic boogie woogie type bass line, as in the following example. Two modern bassists whose careers began in new orleans, ed montudie garland and. A compendium of techniques for great jazz bass lines including playalong cd featuring ron carter bass builders paperback december 1, 1998. Few things changed about the standard j bass over its celebrated history, and it always sounded and played great.

The bass lines in the section are for you to learn, memorize, and play in a real live playing situation. A few years after the pbass, fender introduced the jazz bass. I hate the modern slow jazz except for kenny g and most other modern jazz styles i just cant get into. It comes in several different versions, with active or passive pickups. A beginners guide with stepbystep instruction for bass guitar hal. Now we should have a clear idea of the root movement of the chord sequence. December 2019 added bullet telecaster added classic vibe 60s custom. Geddy lee jazz bass is a new version that combines the specs and features of lees three favorite bassestwo fender custom shop versions of his signature model and the original sleek black 72 jazz bass that rushs revered bassistvocalist has riffed away on in front of millions of devoted fans worldwide. A blog supreme from 70s fusion on down, hear five electric bassists who turned the spotlight on the low end in jazz. Our resident bass guru marc takes on a tour of the creation and evolution of the venerable fender jazz bass. These bassless backing tracks are created using irealpro, an essential app for musicians check it out at. Originally all information was in a word document made available on the web as a pdf file.

The capacity of a bassist to fully support an ensemble is something that can be. In the early years fender used the smaller vintage frets, but at some point switched to larger fret wire. The body shape is also different from the precision bass, in that the precision bass has a symmetrical lower bout on the body, designed after the. A thesis submitted to the graduate council of texas state university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of music with a major in music may 2014 committee members. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. The history of the double bass in early jazz begins before the turn of the century in new orleans. You can hear how he weaves a counter melody to the soloist he is accompanying. This is the piano solo version of the theme i composed as incidental music for a theatrical performance of romeo. This book contains the main afrolatin styles of bass playing as well as sections on latin jazz bass. Jazz bass explores the key ingredients necessary to play great jazz bass lines, including the sound, feel, foundation, and power. In the 16th century the terms application was restricted solely to instruments of the gamba family. Playing a walking jazz guitar bass line is a captivating method of comping for other musicians, and yourself.

Jazz is one of those few styles that expands and goes past the average intermediate phase. From the 1920s and 1930s swing and big band era, through 1940s bebop and 1950s hard bop. Jazz bass is the use of the double bass or bass guitar to improvise accompaniment comping basslines and solos in a jazz or jazz fusion style. Walking bass lines the blues in 12 keys upright bass and electric bass method how the fender bass changed the world hal leonard bass for kids.

The jazz bass v is the five string extendedrange version of the fender jazz bass. Five steps to walking basslines on guitar guitar world. A brief history of the bass guitar guitar lessons poway. The italian term violone large viola, which has fallen out of common usage, gave rise to the word violoncello. Jazz bass has a singlecoil sound and only early jazz basses have a true traditional sound you hear i. The fender jazz bass was introduced in 1960 as a higherend alternative to the precision bass with closer string spacing, a thinner neck profile at the nut, and two punchy singlecoil pickups.

While some knowledge of music theory is necessary, excellent bass lines can be. Rarities flame ash top jazz bass player jazz bass american professional jazz bass geddy lee jazz bass vintera 60s jazz bass vintera 70s jazz bass american performer jazz bass flea signature active jazz bass. Walking bass line theory basicspart 1by chris fitzgerald. Of course, great time is at the center of pauls groove. Double bass, stringed musical instrument, the lowestpitched member of the violin family, sounding an octave lower than the cello. Its certainly true that the innovative electric guitars introduced by fender throughout the 1950sthe telecaster 1951 and the stratocaster 1954, plus the jazzmaster 1958 and some student modelschanged the way music was created and experienced.

The very mention of the name seems almost synonymous with the jazz bass, with which he will be forever identified, and no discussion of the instrument is complete without him. The function of a bass player in the jazz combo is to work with the piano player and drummer to provide both a harmonic and rhythmic stability for the tune. Jaco pastorius and stanley clarke were key figures in the history of the electric bass, and were influenced by traditional jazz music. With its dual singlecoil pickups and smooth playing feel, the player jazz bass lefthanded is an inspiring instrument with classic, elevated style and authentic fender bass tone.

The fender standard jazz bass v has single coil pickups, and passive electronics. Apr 28, 2015 in the previous lesson, we began to build a bass line for a jazz blues progression in the key of f. Get the down low on more than six decades of indispensable bass history. American ultra jazz bass american ultra jazz bass v. Bassists have loved the signature geddy lee jazz bass for over a decade. History of the fender jazz bass cme vintage bass guitar demo. Doctoral essay supervised by professor don coffman ninetynine pages 99 the advent and development of the electric bass as an instrument was examined in relation to its application to the genre of jazz and related styles. They were only built for a few years in the early 60s and hard core guitar collector snatched them all out of circulation years ago. Take five bass transcription, video and pdf download take five is one of the most famous jazz standards in history. Who are some of the bassists who use fender jazz bass. Piano trios the beloved combination of piano, bass, and drums resulting in a globally admired style of jazz to delight the ears. In this lesson were going to explore chord types, progressions and harmony when playing jazz and playing jazz bass.

Jazz bass line construction thelonious monk institute of jazz online jazz handbook welcome to the bass chapter of the thelonious monk institute of jazzs online jazz handbook. It is distinct from the precision bass in that its tone is brighter and richer in the midrange and treble with less emphasis on the fundamental frequency. Search the history of over 424 billion web pages on the internet. The bassline construction method explored here uses chord tones, approach notes and basic reharmonization. Jazz bass backing track medium swing 251 c youtube. Once a player can navigate a tunes harmony confidently, then rhythm can more easily come to the foreground. If ordering for an older discontinued amp, please include photos or as much descriptive information on the product as you can. The electric bass and double bass are two different instruments sharing a common function. User manuals, fender guitar operating guides and service manuals. However, i rarely listen to any modern jazz because in my opinion its mostly boring garbage and most modern jazz players wouldnt know a thing or two about the original jazz players or at least they dont sound like they do. Each volume in the bass tab licks series contains over 90 essential licksriffs for live and studio performance as well as a brief history. Playing jazz guitar bass lines and chords terence wright.

Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of bass at guitar center. View online or download fender jazz bass special manual. Also a high output pickup with strong mids will help. History and pedagogy abstract of a doctoral essay at the university of miami. This dissertation is an interdisciplinary study that aims to trace the rhythmic commonalities between the classical music of north india and that of the presentday cutting edge bass improvisation, in particular the bass playing of dave holland. Timehonored fender style and performanceminded modern upgrades dont have to break the bank, and. The majority of the presentation will focus on walking bass lines in a 44 meter.

The fender jazz bass or j bass is the second model of electric bass created by leo fender. We have 2 fender jazz bass special manuals available for free. Widely regarded as one of the greatest electric bassists who ever lived and a musician of incalculable influence, jaco pastorius made his mark and redefined. Modern big band modern jazz delights from the postwar era to the present day. Fender had a lot of new gear at namm this year including the deluxe active okoume series. Most of the information here is a direct import of that document. To get started with walking bass lines it is important to be aware of the root notes in each of the chords you are playing. Explore vintage and modern j bass guitars for your personality. Not everyone liked the larger fret wire and it was not uncommon for the frets to be filed down. A fun and easy way to play bass licks in the style of your favorite artist whether you read music or not. Double bass history history vienna symphonic library.

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