Mututho alcohol bill pdf

It also sets time for opening and closing of bars and other retail stores. The passing of the bill however comes against the wishes of bar owners. This law is popularly known as the mututho law because the alcohol bill was brought 1. Josiah thiriku said that the national alcoholic drinks control act of 2010, popularly known as the mututho law ceased to operate at the advent of. Mututho launches medicine that helps alcohol addicts stay.

The alcoholic drinks control bill, 2009 649 53high court to issue warrant. Enforcement of marketing regulations is more often regulated by law than by selfregulation. An authorised officer who has analyzed or examined an alcoholic drink or thing under this act, or a sample of it, shall issue a certificate or report setting out the. Speaker of county assembly of embu has clarified that county assembly of embu did not contravene any national law by passing the embu county alcoholic drinks control bill, 2019 recently. Control act that was meant to control indigenous alcohol. In kenya, the most common surrogate alcohol is known as changaa and has. Nacadas report on alcohol and drug abuse in schools. The enactment of this bill shall not occasion additional expenditure of public funds. County passes alcohol bill to enhance mututho laws. Mututho, the former chairman of the national authority for campaign against alcohol and drug abuse nacada, has partnered with an indian company to introduce the implantation tablet that, he said. Member of parliament of naivasha constituency who sponsored the bill in parliament mututho. Fragment of the kenyan alcoholic drinks control act 2010. Challenges facing the implementation of kenyas alcoholic drinks.

The alcoholic drinks control amendment bill, 2012 kenya law. John mututho vows to enforce alcohol law, visited on february 9. The alcoholic drinks control act was signed by former president kibaki and became a law in kenya in 2010 which provided some limits on alcohol consumption. Pdf use of gis technology in the implementation of. The speaker pointed out that the national alcoholic drinks control act of 2010, popularly known as the mututho law ceased to operate immediately after the advent of devolution in 20 and the restructuring of the provincial administration. Kenya did manage to enact the alcohol drinks control act, 2010 on the 22nd. Karta ortodontyczna pdf material stanowila dokumentacja. Alcohol law in kenya kenyas alcoholic drinks control act is the talk of the country the new law which restricts the sale of alcohol, bar opening and closing times, prescribes penalties on offering brewers, sellers, patrons etc. Mututho liquor law died at the birth of counties embu. Factors influencing alcohol consumption in majengo slums. Towards an alcohol ordinance movendi international. In2010,kenyapassedthealcoholicdrinkscontrolact,whichamongmany regulations. Bill in parliament, hence the synonym of the act with my name mututho law. The alcoholic drinks control amendment bill, 2012 240 magistrate has the meaning assigned to it in the magistrates courts act.

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