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Jan 21, 2002 now this will jump will be cool in a replay. Similar to the first game, cars hubcaps can fly off. Return to your car, drive around to the southeast corner, and drive through the now opened gate and into the ballpark. How do you unlock las vegas and rio on driver 2 answers. You will have to do lots of missions as a wheelman.

It offers engaging mission objectives, a great sense of urgency, a wellcrafted story line, and a lot more diversity i. Get the latest driver 2 cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, faqs, walkthroughs, and more for playstation psx. You press buttons with the triangle button while you are out of the car. But get high enough and look out across the skyline and its there, a whole other city in the air. Driver 2 expands on driver s 3d, freeroam structure, as well as adding the ability of the character, tanner, to step out of his car to explore on foot and. But if you try it with the secret car than you will get there before it rises. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for driver 2 for playstation. Then, choose the truck, and when you get their pause the game and hold l1 and press square, circle, r12, up, right, down, circle.

Havana in havana there is a place where you can get major air if you have a fast car. Translations of havana and rio cop talks cool man, its nice to hear those translations. To get the secret car in havana, just follow these steps. Follow the road, and you will find a locked gate reading. Driver 2 features a number of new features that makes the game ever more entertaining. At the top of the map is wrigleyville and, more importantly, wrigley field.

Its nice that the whole story doesnt only take place in america hence havana and rio, and the fact you can drive a wider variety of vehicles, including buses, trucks, vans and even fire engines something unavailable in. For driver 2 on the playstation, gamefaqs has 14 cheat codes and secrets. The story missions are played separately from the takearide, mode where the player can explore the cities on his own time. Cheat code to unlock vegas on driver 2 on playstation. Driver 2 subtitled the wheelman is back in north america, and back on the streets in europe is an action adventure video game. The main missions are focused on getting from point a. However, your character can also get out of the car to take part in other storybased missions too. Kids today will never know how hard it was to lose the cops like us driver players did back in the day. And now you should have all levels and cars plus secret areas. This level is all about totaling cop cars and dodging roadblocks. Walk to the nearest intersection and there should be cars sinking into the ground and making shadows of them on the ground. Mar 22, 2019 this video will show you the secret of driver 2 ps1 list secret. Policia nacional revolucionaria, pnr under the administration of the cuban ministry of the interior.

On the leftmost side of the map is a compound which leads to the highway via a thin road. Highsnobiety tbt the 10 cars that define fidel castros cuba. Hidden cars driver 2 cheats on playstation ps super cheats. The cities all have secret cars hidden within them, which become available. Drive over to the ramp, get out of your car, walk up the ramp, turn right, and follow the walkway to the secret car. The wheelman is back in north america, not be confused with the wheelman is back codename. Name image type 1972 oldsmobile 442 muscle car 1975 buick lesabre coupe 1976 mercury monarch. Driver 2 levels as vrml all levels, cars, and textures from driver 2 including the beta demo, converted to vrmlbitmap, with lean viewer. The cities all have secret cars hidden within them, which become available once the player finds the cars. All the cars can be driven and there are also hidden cars around the cities that can be found.

Driver 2 faqwalkthrough playstation by zonet gamefaqs. Tanner now has the ability to step in and out of the car, on foot or driving, secret cars in every city of free drive, enhanced graphics, and multiplayer. For driver 2 on the playstation, faqwalkthrough by zonet. Law enforcement in cuba is the responsibility of the national revolutionary police force spanish. After you are at the staduim go to the area to buy. Driver 2 lets you step out of the car for the first time. The cities are chicago and havana which are both immediately open for. The crime worlds fastest getaway driver is back on the streets in driver 2, the sequel to the actionpacked driver. Driver 2 faqwalkthrough playstation by n64gamer gamefaqs.

The view of havana up on the roof the boston globe. If youve discovered a cheat youd like to add to the page, or have a correction. Drive the car through the gate on your right and enter the packed roaring stadium. Back on the streets is an actionpacked car chase game set in an open world. Drive towards the tunnel located at the west end of the city. Go to the corner of the stadium that is, driver 2 playstation. Nov 16, 2000 because driver 2 was so ahead of its time on the playstation console, it separated the undercover missions onto two discs. We have accurately written down all our findings at the driver madness forums.

How about a framerate so bogged down by the overlyambitious concepts in driver 2 that it almost seems like its in slow motion. Translations of havana and rio cop talks driver 2 forum. Its funny that the cops say almost exactly the same things, except in a different language. It has everything that made the first game a hit, plus tons of new features like the ability to get out of your getaway car and run around on foot. I went to the secret area in havana and kept driving aroun. The officers track lenny to havana, where tanner disrupts vasquezs.

Chords for hound dog taylor sitting here alone from. Feb 06, 20 what really separates driver 2 from its predecessor is the ability to get out of the car and freely interact with the environment on foot. Media it was like 14 years ago and we were all kids playing a game where you could just drive around and explore. You will get a yellow sports car with black bits on it which can outrun police. Using the secret car in chicago code, drive up the ramp that you walkdown to get the secret car as fast as you can. This almost makes driver 2 into a 3d version of the driving action game grand theft auto, since now you can carjack anyone whos unlucky enough to cross paths with you on the street even school buses are fair game. The cheats and secret games can be found at the optionsgameplaysecrets menu. On the northwestern corner is a ticket booth where, if you press the. Players can move freely through vast areas based on famous cities, perform a series of story missions or focus on side activities, such as searching for secret cars.

I will be uploading footage of the games secret cars as well. Driver 2 gameshark codes gba also see cheats for more help on driver 2. This video will show you the secret of driver 2 ps1 list secret. The secret car is on the far left of havana, in a walled off area on that turny road. Drive towards the tunnel in the west part of the city.

It is the sequel to the 1999 game driver, and was developed by reflections interactive and published by infogrames for the playstation and game boy advance. Article 65 of the cuban constitution states that defense of the socialist motherland is every cubans greatest honor and highest duty. Look on the map and you will see a long windy bit of road that goes out to the west. The secret car is behind the building in front of you. The cities all have secret cars hidden within them, which become available once.

Mar 15, 2016 a gearheads guide to cuba theres a lot to experience once you stop gawking at the old chevy belairs. Driver 2 cheats, codes, cheat codes for playstation psx. Right before you get to the top of the ramp slam into the corner on the left. They fly off less than in the previous game, giving gameplay more realism.

The secrets are unlocked by pressing different buttons and doors. Driver 2 cheats, codes, and secrets for playstation gamefaqs. The wheelman is back in north america is the second installment of the driver video game series driver 2 expands on driver s 3d, freeroam structure, as well as adding the ability of the character, tanner, to step out of his car to explore on foot and commandeer other vehicles in the games open world environments. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the playstation cheats we have available for driver 2. Secret garages and ringing mansions bell in las vegas. Back on the streets is the second installment of the driver video game series. Driver 2 game free download for pc full version games world. Havana you cant see the secret world of havanas rooftops from the street. Driver 2 expands on drivers 3d, freeroam structure, as well as adding the ability of the character, tanner, to step out of his car to explore on foot and commandeer other vehicles. My friends and i who played driver 2 found the secret. To unlock the secrets in driver 2, you have to take a ride in the different cities.

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