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The exterior shots in new moon were filmed in a vancouver area parking lot and the original high school building was later digitally added. If you thought twilight was actually filmed in forks, youre not alone. Directed by catherine hardwicke, the film stars kristen stewart and robert pattinson. Why didnt twilight get filmed in washington state or. The parking lot and the building are kelso high school, which is about 3045 min north of portland depending on how fast you drive, in kelso, wa. Discover the magic of the rainiest town in the contiguous united states, just like bella did. April 8, 2009 secretary of states office one of the possible reasons why the teen vampire thriller twilight both the book series and the movie has been such a hit around washington is that the book version takes place in. Pages in category films shot in washington state the following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. Twilight tourism visit the places where twilight was.

See more ideas about twilight, twilight saga and filming locations. My friend karen has toured many of the 2008 twilight filming sites with her granddaughters. Twilight filming locations camas, washougal, vancouver wa. But the first twilight had scenes from washingtons kalama high school. Port angeles, bellas house and the exterior school of dance and forks high school. The first movie twilight was filmed in the northwest oregon southwest washington area, the cullens house is in portland i have. The movie twilight was released in 2008, while the story took place in forks washington. It was designed by jeff kovel of skylab architecture. How twilight has brought 200,000 visitors to forks, washington. Most of the filming locations are in and around the portland area. In addition to bellas house, the port angeles scenes were filmed here, which included. Visiting the real filming locations of twilight forks washington.

This famous cinematic thriller describes the story of a videotape filled with haunting images that provoke a phone call, advising them of their imminent death in seven days. The twilight craze was impossible to miss in the mid2000s, with young people everywhere obsessing over. The twilight movie was filmed 200 miles away in my. Filmmakers of twilight chose oregons madison high school, multnomah falls, oxbow park, and town of corbett to recreate the rainy, gloomy setting of forks, washington. On my first visit to oregon and the pacific northwest, i was truly amazed that none of the twilight movie was actually filmed in forks, wa. Forks, washington before meyers first book came out in 2005, visitor levels ranged from 5,000 to 10,000 people per year, according to the forks chamber of commerce. Enjoy a twilightthemed vacation in forks, washington. Twilight tours in forks 2020 all you need to know before. Memorial for twilight movie filming sites at the movie twilight was released in 2008, while the story took place in forks washington. Katu twilight fans could soon have their chance at quite literally living in part of the teen fantasy book and film series. One man at the local flower shop will give you a tour, but tells you upfront that nothing was actually filmed there. The high school scenes in twilight movies were filmed in kalama high school in kalama, washington, 25 miles north of portland oregon. This film focuses on the development of the relationship between bella swan a teenage girl and edward cullen a vampire, and the subsequent efforts.

Vancouver sets for new moon and eclipse were made to look the same as in the first film, including a. Forks, washington, is the town chosen by stephenie meyer as the setting for her bestselling twilight novels. Too many washington and seattle movies are filmed out of. Washington en masse to protest a meeting of the world trade organization. As a matter of fact, absolutely nothing of the twilight saga was filmed in phoenix. Movies made in seattle and washington seattles big blog. Road trip finding twilight movie filming locations. Do you recognize any of these 15 locations around the state that have appeared in famous flicks. The first film in the series, twilight, was shot in portland and southwest washington. Twilight filming location cullen house twilight girl.

None of the twilight movies was ever actually filmed in forks. Now, the logging townpopulation 3,800draws tourists from around the country, especially in september during its forever twilight in forks festival 912915, celebrating the events and characters from the book series and movies. Indian beach, ecola state park highway 101, cannon beach, oregon, usa surfing beach 14 of 14. The house was named after its owner, john hoke, a nike executive that had it built for his family in fact, the production team dubbed his house the nike house, after hokes profession. Explore the rain forest and beaches and just maybe, catch a glimpse of a vampire or werewolf. Ecola state park, which is identified in the photo, is in cannon beach, oregon not washington. The actual places where twilight was filmed take place in both oregon and washington so. While diehard fans may want to focus on a visit to the.

What parts of the movie twilight was actually filmed in. Almost everyone that weve told about our twilight movie road trip assumed we had gone to forks, washington. In twilight, port angeles is the often the smalltown escape for teenagers in forks whether to watch a movie, shop for prom dresses or to have their first date with a vampire. You know the house where edward cullen sneaks into and whisks bella away on charlieapproved dates. For the enjoyment of twilight movie fans, these pictures were posted on. This is the location used as the surfing spot for the high school. This house was featured in a magazine portland spaces and was noticed by the film makers. Jul 26, 2016 click here to go back to my tips for your twilight trip. You can now rent the twilight house near washington for a true twihard experience. Movies filmed in seattle movies made in seattle movies set in seattle refine see titles to watch instantly, titles you havent rated, etc. What part of oregon was twilight filmed in answers. Twilight is a 2008 american romantic fantasy film based on stephenie meyers 2005 novel of the same name. The denali house scenes were filmed up in the mountains. It became as a rule filmed in oregon and a few factors in washington.

Before twilight put forks on the map, even a lot of washington residents probably hadnt heard of it. The hit movie twilight has been filmed in and around camas, washougal, vancouver, skamania county in washington and many cities in oregon state. Located in the rain shadow of the olympic mountains, port angeles gets significantly less rain than other areas of washington hardly good news for sunfearing vampires traveling through here. How the twilight series has brought 200,000 visitors to a tiny washington town. I dont think anything was actually filmed in forks. Thus, i was able to visit some of filming sites for the movie twilight and took some pictures. So, where did the producers of twilight decide to film this epic love story. In the summer of 2004 i snuck up to forks to check it out. Stephenie meyers series of hugely popular vampire novels is set in forks, washington state, in the heart of the pacific northwests olympic peninsula. Also, the forks, wa chamber of commerce recently added a great new page to their site called twilight points of interests. It is the first film in the twilight saga film series. Well, almost the entirety of the production of the film took place in the state of oregon. The previous twilight movie, new moon 2008, was set in forks, on the olympic peninsula, and filmed in british columbia. Lots of movies have been set here and filmed there.

While watching the twilight movie it may look like the scenes are filmed all around forks, washington, which couldnt be. One of the most beautiful places to visit, which is also shown in the movie, is the columbia river gorge area. The original twilight film was filmed in oregon, see the section on the kalama and madison high schools. Helens, oregon, about 2 hours 45 minutes from seattle and 40 minutes from portland. Was the twilight movie filmed on location in forks. There have been many entertaining movies filmed here in washington. A lot of the movie was also filmed in various parts of oregon. Although its been five years since the last twilight film, theres still plenty for fans to see, including signs used in the movies which were shot in oregon, a twilight tour company, and the nearby indian reservation. Compare that to 2009, when nearly 70,000 twihards swept through town. They filmed it there, trying to pass it off as forks, washington, where the novel took place. For the movie adaptation of twilight, a modern, rather extravagant house in portland was used to be filmed as the cullen house. The phoenix hotel in which bella and the vamps hide out after fleeing forks is the hyatt valencia, 24500 town center drive, valencia, on i5 west of santa clarita and finally back to oregon for the casino monte carlo prom, which was actually held at the view. While said to be in forks, washington, the home were first introduced to as the cullen residence in the first twilight movie is a modern, sleek structure in portland, oregon, that goes by the name hoke house.

Fans of the popular twilight saga can enjoy a themed vacation of their own by visiting forks, washington, the home of the fictional cullen clan, bella, jacob and the rest of the gang. Kalama high school in washington and madison high school in oregon. Although set in forks, the twilight saga was largely filmed outside of washington. This may come as a surprise to you if you believed that producers filmed it in forks, washington where filmmakers set the movies. Twilight house featured in movies up for sale in oregon. The twilight house where the movies were shot is on rent. The image for this page show both the dvd images from eclipse and twilight then followed by the actual site where the movies were filmed. The vampire romance movie twilight was released in 2008 and was the first film the a saga of five films. What if we were to tell you that you and pals can have a movie marathon in that very space. Actually, in twilight, the exterior shots for forks hs was filmed in washington. Kalama high school was used to shoot exterior forks high school scenes such as those including the forks high school sign and the parking lot where edward saved bella from being crushed by. Although the films werent actually filmed in this quaint little town, teens and tweens can delight in visiting the reallife inspiration for the setting of the. Not all of the filming of the first twilight movie took place in forks, washington. We left the seattlearea friday afternoon, our first stop was bellas house located in st.

The twilight movie was filmed 200 miles away in my home town, the portland oregon. The first movie was filmed in many locations throughout southwest washington and northwest oregon. However, the movie was actually filmed in various locations, mostly in southwest. It was filmed throughout portland, especially in the. Travel to forks, washington to see the actual town where author stephenie meyer based her twilight saga novels.

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